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Nemesis #blackandwhite

October 28, 2019


I call upon my catastrophic wind of fury 
I tear the earth with razor sharp doom
She looks to me with impossible fear
As every time I strike her heart
I send her back into her endless abyss
Where her dreams cease to exist
My hysterical rage cannot be countered
Not by her mortal wish or foolish aspirations
I embody the darkest part of her soul
And the cruel, malicious shadow of her doubt
Casting her into a sunless spiral.

For the sun is her savior.

Her savior will envelope her with her light
And will nourish her hope into an exquisite flower 
Of her passion
Her savior’s benevolence will caress her love
And utilize her devotion.

Then her warmth will shine through me - 
her savior’s nemesis.
Thanks to @Ursa for hosting this contest! Cool prompt, I enjoyed writing to this!! :D


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