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miss monde and the girl

October 28, 2019


miss monde taught that good existed
and evil did too but they were not
things that mixed. she was two.

then she sighed and said darling life
is a gray area, a mixed bag,
i'm sorry he hit you when you tried
to kiss him.  she was six.

two years later miss monde stared
at the news. that woman, yes her,
she's a bad woman, darling.
don't be like that.

miss monde never elaborated no matter
how she begged. was there good or wasn't
there? was she good? who was?
was evil an ink that couldn't
wash off your hands?

miss monde went to church.
she went too.
they were always preaching
about good and evil, but
never explained why jesus said 
he wasn't good in mark.

she knew she wasn't good
when she was five
and stole a cookie,
but she knew she was 
more good then bad
when she always tried
her best. miss monde 
never agreed
or disagreed.

miss monde
died, she was alone,
she had an inheritance
of contradiction,
eighteen with a cynical
mind and future.
society is "les grande monde" in French. do with that what you will. 


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  • parachutes_the_idiot

    Isn’t it ironic that people are being asshats about it after I called it? It’s so stupid.

    3 months ago
  • Harlow

    Interesting. Great piece! Good luck!

    3 months ago