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It’s spooky season! This is my attempt at writing something creepy. It’s a rough draft so feedback is greatly appreciated! Also, I’m publishing this from my phone so the paragraph indents are messed up (I’ll fix it when I have my laptop so please excuse it for now). Happy writing! :D

Come Back Soon

October 28, 2019


Come Back Soon! 
    Ellis glared at the sign through the thin coating of dust smeared across the windshield. The paint was chipped and peeling, the letters faded to the same color as the dirt road that seemed to stretch on forever. Ellis felt chills crawl up his arms and back as the crackling static of thousands of corn stalks enveloped the car like a swarm of locusts, burrowing into his skin and raising the hair on the back of his neck. Shoving the key in the ignition for a fifth time, he felt the car’s wheezing shudder rattle around in his skull before dropping off into silence. Piece of junk. 
Shoving the key back into his pocket, Ellis threw open the door so hard it bounced back toward him on its hinges. He barely avoided catching his arm in the metal and slipped around the side of the car to the trunk. A gust of wind rolled across the road, creating ripples on the cornfield that shimmered like fish scales. Ellis ignored it, and opened the trunk. It had taken him nearly ten minutes to shove the body into a sleeping bag and haul it to the trunk. Dead weight made one hundred and forty pounds feel like twice that.
Rolling his aching shoulders, Ellis tucked his arms under the sleeping bag and staggered toward the edge of the road. A sharp pain lanced through his shoulder blades and over the base of his neck as he stumbled up the embankment, stopping at the edge of the corn. It hissed at him. The rumbling echo crawled out from the core of the field, and Ellis readjusted his grip on the bag as it slipped in his arms. Stray bits of stalk and leaves sank into the mud under his boots, and Ellis thought of the sign looming over him. Come Back Soon! Biting back the pain pulling at his arms, he heaved the bag into the crop. The corn shuddered violently, bending to the ground as the faded black bag disappeared into a tangled mass of writhing shadows and stalks. The static surged, and Ellis took a step back. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the useless key.
Ellis hurled it into the field. Whoever he’d stolen the car from was probably glad to be rid of it. It would be gone by morning. The corn rattled, louder than before. Ellis’s boots slid over the mud as he jogged back to the car. He slammed the trunk shut and glanced up at the faded billboard. Come Back Soon! He almost laughed. Pulling his jacket collar up against a sudden gust of wind, he started up the road.
The solitude was deafening. Ellis felt every step send shockwaves up his legs, and the corn felt it too. The stars seemed to flicker into existence for the first time, and he could hear his own shallow breaths carried away by the breeze.
    He glanced over his shoulder, and the static rose into a painful crescendo. The car sat beneath the billboard, closer to the edge of the corn than he remembered. Without the moon or a flashlight, Ellis could barely make out the message on his side of the board. Welcome Home, Folks! The corn began to part, snapping and bending as something stumbled out into the road. It shuffled forward, back bent into a sickening angle. Ellis whipped around and broke into a sprint, his own breathing drowning out the roar around him. As far as he could see, there was corn, an endless black sky and landscape swathed in row upon row of corn. As he hurtled toward nothing, his own ragged breaths bled into the static and chanted in his ear.
    Come Back Soon! Come Back Soon! Come Back Soon!


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