Huda Ayaz

United States

Fifteen // Author of five books: The Freeze-land series and Angie Moon and the Legends: The Speedster // Peer Ambassador for Spring and Fall of 2019


New Day

October 28, 2019

PROMPT: Microphone

If you lowered a microphone into my house in New York on a Saturday morning, it’d have to depend on the night before for me to ascertain what exactly you’d be hearing: perhaps you hear the shrill screech of my alarm at an unfavorable hour because I decided the night before I had too much work to sleep in and the snoring from my older sister right through the alarm from the room next door while a bed on the floor beneath creaks from the shifting of my sensitively-eared father in discomfort; you probably then hear my vicious smacking of the snooze button, a quick click that turns the alarm off, and murmurings to my hazy self that it doesn’t matter if I don’t wake up early this one time before shifting the covers over myself all over again; or perhaps you hear a morning rich with the wail of the vacuum cleaner and the groans of my siblings and I as our mom undoubtedly decides that this day will be a cleaning day because we had left our rooms a mess the night prior; but one thing you are sure to hear at one point is the sound of seven reluctant creaks of mattresses, whether at around the same time or not, and the soft pattering of feet and splattering of water as we wake one by one to greet and tackle a new day.


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