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what I fight for

By: KRH_05

PROMPT: Rain or Shine

I fight with my sisters
who can get to the shower first?
who can get to the front seat first?
who's turn is it to bathe Mary Beth?
and my parents
Why didn't you tell me about this?
Why did you forget about this?
and my parents 
because even though
We argue
and fight
and slams doors
we don’t walkout
or hit
or hurt
whether we realize it
We love each other
and fight for each other

Peer Review

The piece lifts me up, it started with the 'I fight with my sisters', I of course said 'me!', and continued, the last three words also had me saying, 'me!'

I admire resilient families because I'm apart of one, I understand sometimes the reason we are resilient is something we rather not talk about so I won't ask but I do ask, who is Mary Beth? A dog? A cow? A baby? A zebra? A disabled sibling? I am insanely curious XD

Reviewer Comments

The piece is awesome and it all ties together nicely, thank you.