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THE DAY.....WHICH SHALL BE A FESTIVAL #festival #buddingauthor

By: Samina


The day no stomach shall                        The day no food is
 growl be a Festival.                                Wasted, shall be a

The day DIWALI light                                  The day Chaand Of EID
rules over completely                                  makes people understood
and there is no                                           plight of needy, shall
Evil, will be a festival.                                Be the festival.
The day rich at heart                                    The day there is
Get richer with money                                 no war and peace
And rich at money                                        annexes over the
Get a richer heart                                         world,shall be
Will be a festival                                           a festival.
The day corruption                                      THE DAY HUMANS
Eradicates from world,                                LEARN HUMANITY
Will be a festival.                                        SHALL BE THE REAL FESTIVAL.

This piece thrilled me because despite we celebrate festivals, yet there are many people in predicament who are usually unnoticed. So this festive season should just once think about them and spread happiness and prosperity.

Message to Readers

This is just a true.Hope this eligible for the competition.These are few lines randomly jot down.KINDLY COMMENT .YOUR REVIEWS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME.

Peer Review

I really love all of the messages you packed into this piece! It's all so true and important. Also, I agree that in the festival season we should make sure we are thinking of those who are less fortunate, and do our best to spread happiness.

I think that overall you did a very good job of getting your ideas across. I just left some suggestions for how to improve the grammar in a few places, but other than that, it was great! :)

Reviewer Comments

Good job, and keep spreading the positive messages! I loved reading your piece, and I hope that some of my comments are helpful to you. :)