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When Waldo finally met his downfall, it wasn't they byproduct of our own efforts, but rather his arch nemesis, Spot Spotnik, who spotted him. All that wasted training for nothing, children everywhere are disappointed.

Of Sound Mind

October 28, 2019


I can hear the echoes of movement in my house because
it is the oldest house on the block and sometimes it 
My sister is singing
more than she used to because 
she is going to audition for the musical and can't decide on a 
The sound of rushing water is good because it means the world
is changing that for a moment our surrounding will never be quite the
My ears sometimes deledude me with voices I know saying my
Are you saying my name? 
Who's knocking on the bathroom door like the house is burning
I ask and no answer and I wait and it comes again and I opened the door and there is
Our piano is old but not grand and vaguely
out of tune but all in the same way so you can't really tell
Sometimes I'll play chords on it like I know what I'm doing but I 
My siblings are sniffling through the cold
weather but also the colds we all have but
Maybe it's allergies
Why do you change the way you laugh, baby cousin?
What has changed from one knock-knock joke to the next?
Can a toddler really learn so fast that even when you don't feel like laughing you
fake it just to make the rest of the room laugh with you?
I like to talk just to hear my own voice, but I
like yours more, so talk with me
I like to write just to hear the sound of keys validating the thoughts I have because they are
worth the effort to put into
I like the sound of the shower in my house because it's running water and sometimes the white floor
creaks because even though the shower is new it's still the oldest house on the 


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