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A Trillion Trees?

October 27, 2019

A trillion trees...
The thoughts that fly within me

Do you and I,
Reader, think the same?
I think not.

Could this save Us?
... no,
that is not my question

Is it possible?
... closer, but
yet still so far away

Oh, Dear Reader,
You have not thought...
no, you have not.

The truest question
tells all...
it holds the essence of the human society

How long have I toiled,
for you, and the world,
to come to this earthshaking inquiry?

You ask this, already knowing the answer.
A very long time.
Now, I will show you product of my mastery:

Where, I ask you.
The trillion trees,
in their quantity so vast.

Where, Dear Reader,
in our selfless attempts to save the world,
would we put them all?



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