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Hi there. You can call me DragonGirl! I am a 13 year old alien from the Primordial Nothingness that is Khaos! I like writing. I write about my thoughts and stuff. I would like to recommend a person on here, FoxLilly106, she's amazing. Aight, Ciao!

Message to Readers

Hey y'all, this is the prologue/teaser to a novel, A Shining Sky. If you have any feedback or advice, please tell me. I don't really have a schedule so I won't be very consistent with chapters. I will publish chapters when I finish them. If you have any questions please ask them in the comments. That's all. Ciao!

A Shining Sky: Prologue/Teaser

November 7, 2019


    "All clear?"
    "Yes, wake her up."
    Light floods my vision as I gain consciousness. I am looking up at a pristine white lab ceiling. I feel cold and numb. I suddenly remembered why I was there and sit upright, quick as a bullet. I look around at Dr. Aragor's lab, same as it when I walked in a month earlier. From my peripheral I see him and another face. Blaine, my friend, is standing there looking sort of worried.
    "Is she okay? Can she understand me? Are her vitals fine?" He asked, looking frantically at my father figure, Dr. Aragor.
    "Yes, she is fine. The tranquilizer is still in her system so she won't be able to talk for a few minutes." Dr. Aragor reassured him.
    I found that I, in fact, could not speak. So in the meantime I lifted my right arm. It was metal. I looked down at my left leg, finding that it was also metal. I lift my left hand to the right side of my face. I feel cold steel. I press a few buttons on my arm, activating x-ray vision. Finding that I could talk again, I yell with joy, jump up and hug Dr. Aragor and Blaine
    "Thank you." My voice was raspy and tired sounding. I look at Blaine to see that he is looking very awkward, not knowing what to do. I activate the vital scan feature and, sure enough, he wants me to stop. So I do.
    "If ANYONE touched my lab, I will turn their insides into their outsides." I tell them. I was working on a very ambitious project and I’d cry if it was messed up after all the work I put into it. Wait. Can I still cry?
    "That's our Glitch." Blaine said while laughing. They reassured me that nobody had touched my stuff.
    "Well, you probably want to get to your new living pod. Blaine will show you the way." Dr. Aragor said after a bit.
    As Blaine and I were walking through the garden to the cyborg quarters, I daydreamed about my project that I would continue to work on in the morning.
    "Hey, I have a question," I ask Blaine, "Where are the others? Am I the first one done?"
He gets a look and laughs.
    "Well, Rev is still being worked on, you saw her design, Steam is being worked on, and Motor is inside. The rest are either still being trained or just haven't gotten used to the parts." He tells me. His white hair is shining in the starlight and I can barely see his black eyes.
    "You would be a horrible spy you know. Your hair shines like the moon and you are terrible at keeping secrets." I say, suddenly realizing that.
    "Yeah, I would. That's why I'm in combat."
    As we laugh, I get a look at my new living pod. It is bigger than my old pod. Next to it is a bigger one. Most likely for Rev. I go inside and see that it is furnished with all of my stuff. I bet Blaine helped design it. The realization suddenly hit me. This is mine. I get a warm feeling inside. Happiness.
    One week later, I am in my lab, working on my project. The lab manager comes on the intercom, saying that work has ended. I start packing up when a droid comes up to me. 
    “Miss Glitch, Dr. Aragor would like to see you.” The droid says. 
    “Is this about the spilled water? Or is it the failed droid assignment? Wait! It’s the missing assignment in cyborg training,” I say as I trudge off to Dr. Aragor’s office.
    “Sir, I am so sorry, I’ll turn in the assignment tomorrow!” I say frantically once I get there.
    “It’s not about that, Glitch, You have been chosen.” He tells me with a smile on his face.


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