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celebración de las almas #festivities

October 25, 2019


When the sun sets on the each of three days, 
candles shall flicker with ethereal light, 
beckoning the ghosts of the dead.
Faces, both lined and unlined, will be irradiated
by the thousands of lit flames,
tears of spun memories and joy
will fall from silver-lined eyes.
They will guide the fallen angelitos 
with deep golden petals of marigolds,
the sharp yet alluring scent wafting
across the bridge between 
the lands of the living and the dead.
They will toast to the life a loved one
had lead, oh so proudly.
Children warm their hands around mugs 
of rich thick atole and champurrado,
toothy grins topped with foam moustaches.
The people that carry a heavier burden
of years will lift a glass of pulque, 
milky-pale drops sliding down 
sun-browned throats and weathered hands.
Ofrendas wreathed in colours will be erected
within a solitary room, photographs decorating
the towering and outreaching family tree.
The aroma of tamales will drift through villas
as sugar skulls trimmed in intricate designs
are used to embellish nearly every single room.
Bright, flamboyant tissue ornamentation
stretching from rooftop to rooftop.
These will not be and are not days of sorrow; 
these are blithe commemorations for
every single fallen soul. 
Finished: (25/10/2019 11:27PM)

Shoutout to @buddingauthor for hosting this competition!


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  • buddingauthor

    Oh wow this is so beautiful and enriched woth culture! Thank you so much for participating! Also I think you forgot to comment your piece but thankfully, I came across it. Anyways, great piece!!

    5 months ago