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“Be Open.”

May 11, 2016


She never uttered it as so directly,
but the message came across nonetheless.
The sentence holds so much more than the meaning that comes straight to mind.
New ideas?
From what?
From who?
My friend always tries to shelter me
While simultaneously trying to rip me out of my shell.
She has a heart of gold,
and I look up to her not in spite of her faults,
But because of them.
She is remarkably human,
personality raw and unashamed.
Naturally dark haired, but vibrant colors appearing now and then
Bright, nearly soul-piercing blue eyes
that see through any facade
Heart shaped face spotted with freckles
expression forever set in a state of worry
and knowledge beyond the expected
She is no fool, nor a coward. She is fierce
powerful, even if she doesnt believe so.
When her worry took a turn towards me,
it had to have started
when she saw a different side of me
A side that I still am ashamed of to this day,
but thankfully have long left behind.
I was remarkably stubborn.
Rude, harsh and utterly unaccepting.
But she shed some light on that side
Exposed it for what it was.
As she coaxed me further and further
into being open-minded.
I now know that being open to new ideas
doesnt always mean
Open to new ideas from organizations
is it always about others
And being open
means trying to comprehend,
trying to see that side of things.
Not always accept it.
most importantly,
Being open to new ideas
Can mean
being open
To yourself.


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