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May 11, 2016


Your words don't erase who I am.
Frankly, I know you understand.
Your words don't convince me anymore that I am
not worth for them to give a damn.
Your words can be like daggers, spears and swords;
ways to make me and others feel worthless and nothing more.
But I will shield myself with actions of kindness
the only cure for your blindness.
I will turn the other cheek,
so to speak
Bite my tongue,
hold my breath till I burst a lung.
I will be patient with you.
Others may think maybe I shouldn't, that's true -
But Ill give you the benefit of the doubt,
even when Id rather shout,
Because I see something beautiful in those dark, far off eyes
Something that says youve given too many goodbyes
And you have reasons
To make your mood change like the seasons
And too little of people haven't been there
So you feel like there isn't anyone who would care
But I do.
The question isn't who
Hurt you, broke your spirit
But who you hope will heal it.
And if you could ever learn to thaw
That frozen heart that has me in awe -


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1 Comment
  • Namarie.H.G

    I don't know what the story is for you but I can really relate to this piece. Thankyou!

    over 2 years ago