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Dusty Light

May 11, 2016


"HUSTLE BOY!" The rugged, stern voice rang through my ears. Rain poured from the sky, and thunder rumbled in the distance. The desert was dark and cold, and nothing but dunes could be seen for miles. Shaking my head of daydreams which I fancied to have control my mind, I hurried to catch up to the line. I was at the end, and was about 20 feet from the group. As I picked up speed, I felt my foot resist moving forward. A cry escaped my throat as I tripped on my shoe lace and fell forward into the harsh, soaked, sands. I lifted my head slowly, blowing my brown hair out of my eyes. I saw a few boys towards the end of the line laughing and pointing at me. I tried to ignore the heat I felt rising into my cheeks, the water in my eyes, the embarrassment. I dropped my head back to the ground, letting land fill my mouth, nose, eyes...
"BOY! WHAT THE HECK ARREYA DOIN'?!" I felt the heat radiating off of the man who walked up to me, followed by the kick delivered swiftly to my ribs. I groaned and rolled over, cradling my side where the blow had landed. The man above snickered before lifting a boot and smashing it down upon one of my hands. I screamed, pain consuming every fiber of my frail being. The sickening crunch of my bones echoed through the stale desert air, causing some of the boys in line to go pale. The man laughed cruelly, then knelt down and whispered into my ear.
"You better stand up while you still can, kid." I cringed and drew my legs underneath me, pushing myself off of the coarse sand. My knees burned where they slid across the ground, and cuts decorated my arms.
I couldn't bring myself to look at the man who shattered my hand, I didn't want to feel the anger, and I didn't want to be like them.
I remember the day I was taken. It was a about a month ago, and I was walking home from school with my little sister, Lacey. She was around six years old, while I was, still am, 15. We passed a dark alley where a man jumped out and grabbed Lacey. She screamed as he drug her into the alley, and I charged after him. He tripped on a rock or something and fell, dropping my sister who ran away. He jumped up, looking at me. He had an eyepatch, jagged teeth, black hair, and almost red eyes. He had a heavy stature, and he towered over me.
"Name kid?"
"Uh... Um..." I stuttered. "I'm Milo."
"Well Milo, you're coming with me." He spat, and then stabbed a large needle into my arm. I passed out and woke up terrified in a dark room with about fifty other guys. Some were young- ten or twelve, but some were almost eighteen. They were all different, and all looked terrified, except for one. His eyes were the same reddish color of the guy who kidnapped me, and every night he would beat someone to near-death for no reason.
I sighed and cradled my hand, struggling to keep the tears that sat in my eyes from spilling onto my cheeks. I got back into line, ignoring the mocking words of the other guys.
"Hey you little wimp, didn't you ever learn to tie your boots?" One guy growled, poking me in the shoulder. His friends snickered behind. This guy was probably a good six feet tall, with long black hair. His eyes had the same reddish glow as many of the violent guys here had.
"Ugh, you're so obviously new, its disgusting." He spat, closing one eye and looking me over. He stuck out one dirty, callused hand and I flinched.
"Ferdinand. Call me Rin for short." I shook his hand and looked around, utterly bewildered.
"Uh... Milo. I'm Milo."
"Milo is a name for children. Your new name is... Mil. Yeah sure. And this..." He said, pointing to a smaller guy who was scowling from behind his messy brown hair. "Is Jerone. We call him Jem or Jemmy, whatever you prefer. Then this is Ajome. Obviously Aj for short." He said, gesturing to another black haired guy who had dark brown eyes. I nodded, still confused as to what was going on.
"Why do you want ah... Uh... A weakling like me?" I stuttered. Rin just laughed, punching Jem in the arm, which caused the guy's dark eyes to flash.
"You got some darkness in ya kid, I can practically taste it!" He laughed darkly, fangs protruding from his canines. Jem flipped his hair from his eyes and stepped forward, grabbing me roughly by the shoulder.
"I suppose you want an actual explanation rather than Rin's mockery." He spoke quietly, and he had a deep, low voice. I realized his thin stature disguised his strength as he began dragging me forward so we could catch back up with the line.
"Okay, so what is happening?"
"Are you aware of what they are doing to us?" Jem asked, never turning around. I shrugged, then quietly said 'no,' realizing he was waiting for a response.
"We are rats. Lab rats. Experiments, some gone wrong. Superhuman experiments. Drugging us. Some have adverse reactions. Going crazy... For example. Some take to the stuff like Rin. Some have no effects. Like me and Aj." I nodded silently, struggling to silence my questions.
"My, ah, brother had some adverse effects. Like screaming constantly until he lost his voice. Tearing at his skin. You get the picture." Rin walked forward, his hands in fists, blood streaming from where he dug his nails into his palms. His voice began to waver.
"Rin is one of the people who adopted the effects. Violence, strength... If only he wasn't so stupid." He then turned around to face me, a devilish smirk on his face.
"You, you haven't been drugged yet, oh boy. At our next stop, you could get sick, die, or go insane." Jem laughed roughly, with hitches interrupting each expulsion of air. The cold breeze ruffled his hair, and his eyes had a reddish ring around them as the blood vessels in his eyes popped into view. "You will DIE I know it. Or get put to death. But I bet you can't WAIT." He laughed again until Aj came up behind him and punched him in the eye. He staggered backwards, the red clearing from his eyes, and his scowl returning. Aj shrugged and pointed at smoke in the distance.
"Is that our next camp?" I asked, and Aj nodded solemnly.
"You are Aj, right?" I asked. Again he nodded, and opened his mouth. As I looked up, I noticed his tongue was not there. He made a sawing motion in front of him, and ai grimaced. They cut off his tongue? I felt bile rising in my throat as we continued to the camp. The closer we got, the more fear consumed me, until tears started pouring down my face. I couldn't die... I had to live... My sanity... And with that, I fell to my knees and passed out.
I woke up on a freezing metal sheet, a light shining in my eyes. I felt panic rising through my mind, and I quickly tried to sit up, but found that my legs and arms were tied down. I struggled against the metal cuffs that held me, but they stood firm. Fear seared through me, and my heart pounded in my chest. I stared at the white ceiling, breathing quickly. I heard a door latch click open, then shut, and I almost fainted again. A man peered at me from across the room. He had a mask over his mouth, and he had old features. I watched him walk to a counter and pick up a huge syringe.
"N... No please no..." I whimpered. The man continued to open a cabinet and get a vial.
"No please! No you can't... I'm begging you." I was screaming now, and I felt tears burn my cheeks. The man filled the syringe with strange liquid and walked over to me.
"Why me?" I sobbed, and the man looked me over, pushing up my shirt.
"We only take select people." He said, and stabbed the needle into my side.

Water. Water everywhere. It surrounded me. I tried to swim up, but it was like swimming through mud. My arms burned with every stroke. I looked up and only saw dim light. Below was a beautiful, vast evening. I stopped struggling. It looked wonderful. Why try to escape the sea. It's nice here.
Who said that? No one is down here.
Is that... Lacey? No. She doesn't like water.
"Milo swim up."
But it's hard. Plus it's nice down there.
"Milo, go up."
Fine. Fine, but then if I don't like it, I'm going back.
I pushed upwards, arms burning, legs kicking...
"Milo get up..."

I gasped and color filled my eyes. Everything was vivid... Like a powerful camera. I felt strong, invincible. I was still in the white room, but now everything was amplified. I could... I could smell my blood on the needle. I could sense the man across the room. The man! He did this. I jumped up, my flesh ripping the metal cuffs that once held me down apart.
"How do you feel, Milo." He spoke in a smooth, frigid voice.
"Oh, wonderful." I looked at my arms and found there to be defined muscles and scars.


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