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Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. BTW, these are not real people and are based off of my imagination.

The Things They Carried

June 26, 2016

    Skippy was happy. She always carried around a huge grin that could make the saddest person smile. When people saw her, they knew she carried herself with a happy, goofy personality that couldn't be dampened by negativity. A pair of RWBY headphones would always hang around her neck and a camera would always be found by her side so she would never lose a happy memory.
    Miles was cool. He carried responsibility, but at the same time, he also carried trust, humor, and friendship. He was a magnet and everyone was attracted to him. He never carried much with him in the form of materials, but rather, he carried honesty and trustworthiness. Everyone could rely on him because he could carry them too.
    Petra was charming. She always carried confidence, not afraid to be weird or be who she was. She had quotes and pick up line at her disposal and always had a terrible joke or pun to lighten the mood. Her hair carried lilac colored tips, reflecting who she was. With a sketch pad and pencil in her hands, she was ready to take on the world.
    Thomas was creative. He carried possibilities that no one would normally consider. He also carried a bit of weirdness as he wore almost no other shirt other than a Nicki Minaj t-shirt. He carried smiles, and jokes, and a bit of randomness in a wild card sort of way. He didn't care about what others thought and carried himself without worry from anyone else.
    What no one saw, was the hidden baggage. A name that brought back memories of sadness, a fear of losing love ones, a self conscious feeling of not being accepted, and a worry of being alone. Skippy was happy, Miles was cool, Petra was charming, and Thomas was creative. This was what the world saw they carried and thought they were perfect. But the world doesn't see everything. The world doesn't see through the facade to the imperfections underneath that make them who they are.

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