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Hello Lovelies!

Yes, Past Memories was erased from this site, but I'm still planning on getting it published by the end of this year, and maybe into next year. Stay tuned.

Check out my next competition on my new account (WtW's Reviewer, Guide, and Host):

Make sure to look at the survey I posted:

Need help? Check out Dmoral13's Tips and Tricks:

Thank you dear friends for always being there. Love you guys!

Competition time! | #friendsgiving | 2 days left!!!!! | Only 2 submissions to far.... :(

November 23, 2019


Welcome back wonderful writers!

It's finally November! We are happy to celebrate it with new, and old friends. Speaking of friends, our November prompts are about friendship!! Friends can include anyone! From BFFs, to relatives, to your boyfriend/girlfriend!


Friends forever! Friendship can be tough, but we work through it together and come out on the plus side. Where do you see you and your friends in ten / fifteen years? Be creative! Describe how things have changed between you. What stayed the same? Are you friends anymore? Did you grow closer?

Word limit: 500 - 1500 words.


We can't wait to read through your stories. Try to keep them true, but you are allowed to write fiction. Though it's kind of sad if you write it fictionally. Just saying. Remember to tell your friends why you're thankful for them this season! And may you have many more years with them!


FoxLilly106 <3
Deadline: November 25
Words count: 500 - 1500 words.

1st - A follow (If I'm not already), five likes of your choice, five comments of your choice, three reviews of your choice.

2nd - A follow (If I'm not already), four likes of your choice, four comments of your choice, two reviews of your choice.

3rd - A follow (If I'm not already), three likes of your choice, three comments of your choice, one review of your choice.

Don't forget to tell your friends why you're glad for them!

Happy writing!

~ FoxLilly106 <3


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  • aditi

    Here’s my piece:

    3 months ago
  • Eri_09

    The above is the link for my entry...please do forgive me for the delay!

    3 months ago
  • Anha

    i didn't really want to name names, so this is a piece i wrote a little while ago that's inspired by real events.

    3 months ago
  • bambiamby

    Here’s my submission
    Before hand, i’ll Tell u, it’s under the word count, but i enjoyed writing this much, great idea

    3 months ago
  • aditi

    I’ll definitely enter- I’ll try and get an entry in!
    Love this contest

    3 months ago
  • Eri_09

    Okay...I'm so participating in this...How did I see this only now...?
    No clue, but here I am...
    Wanna inform you that you can expect my submission on 22nd November, around 8:00 Indian Standard Time.

    3 months ago