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Letting my heart bleed on paper.

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Hello! I'm your average run-over-the-mill girl who barely has a pocket of time to read and write. Unlike the majority of students in Singapore, I take theatre as one of my exam subjects, which is both bold and reckless I reckoned, but enjoyable nonetheless. Writing is one of my main forms of expression and I am hoping that by writing more, I will be able to express my feelings and sights with more vibrancy and clarity. Planning to be a actor/singer/poet/writer/Occupational therapist in the future. Any and all feedback on my writing is welcomed! :)


May 11, 2016


Surreal, isn't it? The journey of a leaf.

From the moment it sprouts, to the moment it leaves.

Starting out green, giving the air that we breathe,

Only to wither and fall, becoming crushed under our feet;

Such a life that is bittersweet.


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