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lowercase (most of the time. people keep trying to "reform" me, and it seems to be working)

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i am here for you

October 25, 2019


i am here for you:
i pour you water
in your favourite jar,
and when you come home,
with that thick black hair
and those tear-stained cheeks,
i tell you how everything that we feel
leaves scars.

like that sword of sadness,
stabbed into our back.
or that arrow of hate,
that we thought had left us when we let it fly,
but it came back,
to make us bleed.
and i hand you your favorite jar,
full of water that tells no lies.
and i tell you
i am here for you.


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  • Cornflower Burst

    Hey, friend. Cool that you joined WtW when I told you about it. Might not agree with your "lowercase" ways, but your writing is still supreme. You could share that poem we wrote together on Krakatoa, even though I already did. Thanks for the follow.

    almost 2 years ago