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By: Grace Ow

PROMPT: Everyday Magic

"And you will keep me safe,
And you will keep me close.
And rain will make the flowers grow."
- "
A Little Fall of Rain", Les Miserables

I love rain. I love the way it looks, and the way it sounds, pittering and pattering against the ground. Like tears rolling down my cheeks, slowly at first, then breaking through all barriers, flowing down at full speed, like blood from an open wound. It is like the sky is crying.

I used to think the reason why I love rain was because I was born in a storm. My parents drove through a river on a road to the hospital, and when I was born, when my senses were awakened, the first thing I heard was the fall of rain, its quiet whisper.

I love the way rain makes me think, like on a day at the running track. It is sports day, and there is a perfect dark cloud just hanging over the track like an omen glaring down at us, crying tears of rage.Footsteps splash across puddles, as athletes dash across the finishing line, all the while being attacked by missiles of raindrops.

Rain is a time for kindness. No one cares about who is wet or dry or sick; what matters is that we are all together, screaming and shouting and running. When we have umbrellas, we dont cover ourselves. Instead, we use it to cover others. Even as we are shivering, teeth chattering, there is a light in our eyes, as we joke and laugh away. Even though the sky is all grey, there is something so deeply moving about its nuances and shades, as if the sky was a great majestic symphony.

And as I look around, I cannot help but marvel at the wonder of rain, of how it brings warmth in the coldness, the light in the darkness, the magic in the ordinary. Despite the harshness of this battle against the elements, we still fight on, valiant and true; we still remember people, we lend our umbrellas to unfortunate souls stranded in the storm.

Rain brings out the best in us.

Message to Readers

Does it convey the magic of kindness in seemingly ordinary situations

Peer Review

The way the rain is described as something that influences you a lot is absolutely beautiful. I love how you described rain like 'tears', like 'blood'... It makes me feel like the rain has come to live.

The tone of this story is soft but powerful. By choosing words that describe what the rain can do, such as making one think or bringing warmth in the coldness... The story is almost magical.

Gives this story a happy, bright mood, makes me imagine a place where everyone is laughing and covering for each other, sharing a deeper bond.

Reviewer Comments

As a person who love rain very much - I love this piece of work. You have done a great job!