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September 2019 Must Reads!!!

October 27, 2019


If you wish to see all the Septemeber nominations, please read the comments of our piece titled 'September Must Reads Nominations!' Now let's get to the point (and if you want that sappy intro and/or closing, look at the footnotes). :)

Categories will be first (in bold).
Next will be the nominated piece (linked) as well as the author (linked)
After will be who nominated the piece and why
Following will be a quote from the piece (italicized)
Last will be our thoughts of the piece
!!Disclaimer: Some categories had more nominations than others, that’s why there are some more must readers than others!!

No nominations.
The Hope That Dies with a Candle- With a Touch of Classical Music #Paganini'sviolin by and-peggy
Selfnominated, because "I was scrolling through my work, found this, forgot what it was, read it, and was like "wow, I WROTE that?!" So yeah, I guess you could say I'm really super proud of it"
A quote from the piece: "My room is filled with the sounds of crying violins, mourning basses​"
Our view on this piece: Elegant, just as the classical music it is describing.

what's a mortal among gods? by weirdo
Selfnominated because "it’s definitely one of my bests because of both the imagery and the concept"
A quote from the piece: "chubby fingers grip/snap dragon petals"
Our view on the piece: The imagery and  symbolism is amazing, and the references to Greek mythology is appealing
lovely by Surly Wombat
This piece was nominated three times! 
jeily nominated this piece because "it just moved me so much with how beautiful the language is and the phrasing and everything that i was very nearly in tears"
Anha nominated this piece because "surly wombat has pulled out all the stops since their return, and have been bloody brilliant about doing it. the imagery and concepts in this piece are out of this world; the parenthetical statements are a nice touch, and masterfully used."
efflorescence nominated this piece because "lush and breathtakingly unique imagery is interspersed with masterfully used parenthetical phrases"
A quote from the piece: "she's made of marble and sea glass, champagne in the dark and piano notes on your tongue"
Our view on the piece: Everything about it is unique and beautiful, finding words is hard. Perhaps our favorite aspects of this piece are how everything relates to something pervious in the piece. The way the writer starts off sentences with one character and relates it back to the other character is gorgeous, and the parenthesis is genius.
Flash Fiction
No nominations.
No nominations.
Simple/short but powerful
Thoughts by user not found
AJ - Izzy nominated this piece because "author manages to explore things that are not normally shared with the world, a simple fear that many people struggle with worded perfectly"
A quote from the piece: "They exist to be pondered"
Our view on the piece: Though it is only 8 lines, this piece packs a power punch that hundreds of readers can relate to and even more can understand.

nuclear fusion by loveletterstosappho
jeily nominated this piece because "so packed with emotion and feeling that is so well conveyed through the use of vocabulary."
Quote from this piece: "the universe rejoices and we combust; a supernova."
Our view on this piece: The raw emotion speaks to the reader in so many ways

iii. lost in space by asteria
Dmoral13 nominated this piece because "displays and speak of such emotion in a minimal amount of words"
Quote from this piece: "i promise i'm trying to believe you."
Our view on this piece: There seems to be an unspoken metaphor inside this piece, and it's gorgeous.
the honest hero; a burning tragedy | #HomoSapiensStory by Anha
Maryam Q nominated this piece because "was blown away."
Quote from this piece: "out of ashes arose a hero."
Our view on the piece: Unique and unheard of metaphors and smilies, a story bold and intriguing, a read worth reading.
No nominations.
No nominations were accessible.
please be silent by goldenmel
MarSan nominated this piece because "she creates three dimensional images and really works her way into the reader's feelings. It's truly breathtaking and profound"
A quote from this piece: "​What is silence, if not the absence of communication?"
Our view on this piece:  My favorite part about this piece is how there are different 'scenes' or 'sections' with different events and characters taking place and how silence plays a key role. Not only does it bring the topic TO life, but it APPLIES it to life. 
No nominations were accessible.
Short Story
king sized cookies 'n cream hershey bar by Dmoral13
Selfnominated because "super proud of this love story-real tear jerker"
A quote from the piece: "Daralynn was my first crush."
Our view on this piece: Cute story about childhood love and it's growth since.

Adoni: A Study Of Fire by pouringoutthesun
This piece was nominated twice!
Anha nominated this piece because "the characters are engaging, the plot is almost poetically written, and the imagery is stunning beyond belief."
weirdo nominated this piece because "the descriptions are magnificent, the concept is wonderful and the characters are so interesting"
A quote from the piece: "Adoni comes into the world with starburst skin and burgundy hair."
Our view on this piece: The way it was written is unqique and the characters described are breathtaking.

sugar plum nightmares by rainandsonder
weirdo nominated this piece because "full of originality, beautiful descriptions and amazing figurative language."
A quote from the piece: "then they are pirated memories, shards of this and that hastily glued together and soon peeling away"
Our view on the piece: Organized chaos at it's finest.
Thank you to everyone who stayed with us after the long summer of inactivity! Much appreciated!! Also, special BIG thanks to @Anha for creating her own version of this called 'wtw highlights' (her latest one is september wtw highlights if you want to check it out). Anyone, we have finished most of the reviews for all the nominations, very few haven't gone through, and there's only a couple left we still need to do. However, we didn't want to keep you waiting any longer (our reviews are very thorough and long, because we want to help the writer grow and fully apperciate the piece being read), so here you go!
As always, we want to hear your opinions on how to improve so check out our piece "We want your: Suggestions, Ideas, Comments, Critiques, & More" please! (It's slightly outdated but whatever)

ps. Anha
before you ask, we're working on feburary still. we just put the septemeber ones as top priority 


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