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'Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.' -Albus Dumbledore

I think I'm going to write mostly poetry on here. It's not my strong suit, but I enjoy it so :)

Stunt Double

October 24, 2019


    “Do you have any book recommendations?” I ask a grumpy looking librarian. Smiling, she reaches under her desk and pulls out a heavy book. Dropping it loudly onto the table, she replies “I think this one is just right for you. In fact, you might even relate to the storyline a bit.” She smiles again, but this time her face is contorted into something more foreboding. I thank the librarian and speed out the door, wondering how this stranger would know what I relate to. As I walk home, I look closer at the book. It has a silhouetted girl on the front, and the title is Stunt Double. Slightly put off by the dull cover and title, I continue my walk home, forgetting about the book and librarian.
    I arrive at my house, a scrawny townhouse with a well-kept yard, and grab a snack from my kitchen cabinet. Finding that I have nothing better to do, I decided to start reading my new book. Although I was not enthusiastic about it at first, I’m drawn into the story as soon as I begin it. Every page turned seems to create another at the end. 
    Several hours later I look up from my plushy armchair and realize it’s past dinnertime! I rise slowly from my spot and reluctantly close my book. As I’m gathering supplies to make dinner, I think about Stunt Double and begin to realize...the book I’m reading strongly resembles my own life! In fact, many details from the book were exactly as I remember them in real life. Now, feeling a little alarmed, I think harder about it. The longer I think, the more I realize how akin my life is to this story. As my last resort, I pinch myself hard on the arm. I’m not dreaming either. 
    Now I feel slightly powerful, as if I have the ability to look into my own future. Intrigued, I lower myself back into the chair and open my book again. I almost shut it though, because the next chapter is titled Murderer. I consider my real life and can’t think of any relevant murderers I may have heard of in my past. Now on edge, I get up to lock the front door and close the curtains. Settling back down, I resolve to read this chapter and find out what the name Murderer means
    The chapter begins by describing the murderer and his objective. It tells me about a girl he loves, but she doesn’t love him back. This man tried for so long to attract the attention of this one specific girl, but she never even caught his eye. But then the villain began to plan. He realized that if something life-threatening were to happen to the love of his life and he was the one to save her, she would be indebted to him, and would unquestionably fall in love with him at last. At first I felt pity for the poor guy, but the more I read of his story, the more insane he seemed.
    The chapter continues, and it tells me about this man’s brilliant plot. He thoroughly plans every detail of it. Finally, it is complete. At midnight the man sneaks into her house and lights a fire. Waiting a few minutes for her to wake, he pretends he has only just arrived, kicking down her front door and using his planned path to her room. He lifts her unconscious body into his arms and runs out of the burning house. Only then does he call the fire department as he watches the magnificent show of her flaming home. A bit of revenge in with his rescue, he decides.
    I shudder when I finish the chapter, remembering when my previous house burnt to the ground in an unexplainable fire a few years ago. Only then do I think of the hazy memory in the aftermath of the fire, where I wake up in a strange boy’s arms. I recognized him from my college, where I would often feel him staring unashamedly at me. 
    Curious, I continue to the next chapter. It tells me that this guy’s plan didn’t succeed after all, and the girl didn’t pay any more attention to him than before. For some reason this makes me feel guilty because I now realize I never said thank you to whoever rescued me the night of the fire. The story continues detailing this man’s grief. He never ceases his scheming about his revenge, now angry that this girl refuses to love him. His insanity multiplies every day. 
    After a few chapters, I start to notice something strange about the chapter I’m reading. It is describing the same girl who was just rescued by the insane man, but a couple of years later. She has just gotten home from the library and is sitting down with a snack to read her new book. A few hours later, this girl looks up to find that she has been reading for several hours! She gets up to make dinner, and while reflecting on her book she realizes how similar it is to her own life. 
The book I’m reading abruptly switches point of view to the man who is in love with her. He is watching her from the room across from the kitchen, captivated by her every move. He decides that now is the moment to finish it. She knows about him now, about his life obsession
    Now extremely creeped out by this book, I slam it shut and jump out of my chair. Grabbing a spatula (yes, a spatula) from the kitchen counter, I approach the closet door across from the kitchen with caution. Hearing a creak of floorboards from inside the closet, I scramble backward. Then, an insane cackle erupts from behind the door and a man leaps out. The same guy who I’ve caught staring at me almost every day at school. He smiles manically at me and exclaims “Now we can die together.”
This is a story I had to write for my ELA class. It's supposed to be in the horror genre, but I've never written a horror story before! How did I do?
Acknowledgments (this is something I did with my friends as a joke. I wanted to put it in here too :) )
Summer: for listening to me rant and giving me half-decent ideas : )
Kyle: I don’t even know what to say... For being excessively annoying and violent?
Miss Luder’s chairs: for providing comfort while I struggled to type anything
Tiana & Kaelyn: For being funny and distracting while I finally started to get somewhere in my story XD


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