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Who killed Amelia Roberts?

May 10, 2016


    High school life has never been easy. Not for anyone, I think. But when you reach senior year like I have, you begin to think that things will get better. For some it might, but for me, well things got a little more complicated. Why you may ask? Well, that’s because I'm a ghost.

    The day began just like any other Monday morning. Getting up early, eating breakfast and heading to school with my best friend Jenna. But what I didn’t expect was to be murdered in the schools basement after fourth period. I don’t remember how I died or who killed me. Just that may 2nd, 2010 was the last day of my life.

    Could they have picked a better place to kill me? I mean come on! The last place I wanted to spend my life, well my death for eternity was in high school. It’s been two days since I died and I haven’t been able to leave, and the worst part is how people can just walk through me like I’m nothing.
        Currently I’m walking through the school halls trying to ignore the way my body shimmers as people walk through me. “Oof” I breathed out as I collided with something… “Sorry!” or should I say someone. I look up and see a guy with dark green eyes and dark brown curvy hair that reached his eyes. He looked me over to see if he hurt me, but I’m too shocked to answer him.“Are you alright?” He asks me. I snap out of my shock and ask him: “You can see me?” I look at him wide eyed. “Um yeah, you’re Amelia Roberts, right?” I nod at him and ask “Yeah, but how can you see me?” he then answers with raised eyebrows: “Because I have eyes?” I shake my head at him and tell him: “I’m a ghost, how can you possibly see me?”
“Wait. You’re dead?!” He exclaims catching the attention of some students that were near. They look at him and say ‘weirdo’ or ‘loner’. I glare at them, but they don’t see me. He sighs and looks at me before pulling me with him towards an
empty classroom.

    “Yes, I’m dead. I died two days ago. And I have no idea who killed me.” He lets out a breath at my information and mumbles: “Can’t believe you are dead. I mean how come no one knew?” I shake my head at him in response and pull him towards where I know my body lays. We walk into the dirty basement that is the place where I took my last breath. I had tried to move my body to somewhere else, but I couldn’t.

    “God, what is that smell?” He asks and I blush looking down and say: “that would be my corpse.” “It’s still here?” He asks me, with a sad but mad look in his eyes. I nod at him and say: “Whoever did it couldn’t be bothered to dispose of my body apparently.” He shakes his head and tells me: “They could have at least had the decency to put away the body.” I just shrug at him and point towards a corner of the room. He walks up to my corpse and leans down with his phone’s flashlight to examine the body. “Well it looks like they hit you with something on your head, there is a large wand there and a lot of blood around your head.”
        I step towards my corpse and take a look. And just as he said there is a large puncture on the right side of my head. I flinch and look away. “It looks like whatever you were hit with had a sort of circular, but flat surface, looks a bit like a hammer maybe?” I let out a breath at his analysis then I shrink down towards the floor. He looks back at me and curses.
“I’m so sorry, that was insensitive of me.” He tells me while running a hand down his face. “Its fine, you are just trying to help, I get it.” I say. “No it’s not fine, that’s your body over there and I’m not even trying to make you feel better” He tells me with a frown on his face. “Honestly it’s fine” I tell him with a small smile. “We should call the cops though. Let them take the body.” I nod at him and he takes out his phone and calls 9-1-1.

    “You’re name is Erin right?” I ask him and he nods at me and continues to talk with the officer on the phone. He tells the cops that he was walking towards his next class when a foul smell hit him so he went check it out and found my body and decided to call them right after. In less than 10 minutes the cops arrived and evacuated the school but kept Erin for more questioning. Turns out they were suspicious of Erin and his story.

    “Amelia?” I hear Erin call out. So I appear next to him and say: “Boo!” This makes him scream like a little girl and jump. I burst out laughing at his reaction. “Sorry I couldn’t help it.” I tell him in between chuckles. He just shakes his head and smiles at me. “It’s fine. I was looking for you because I remembered a clue that could help us find out who did that to you.” He tells me so I nod and encourage him to keep going. “Remember the injury, it was on your right side of the head and it must be because the person was left handed which narrows down the list of suspects. We are going to find whoever did this to you and make sure they get what they deserve.” He tells me and I smile at him before giving him a hug.

    “Thank you for everything. I couldn’t have done anything without you.” I mumble against his chest, He tensed then awkwardly patted my back in response. ”Sorry, I’m just not used to hugging people outside of my family.” He tells me and I smile at him telling him that it’s okay while letting go of him. “Ok, so let’s make a list of the people you know that are left handed or that want you dead.” He tells me and I answer sarcastically: “Well that narrows it down.” Which he ignores and asks me: “Who do you know that are left handed?” I think and the only people who come to mind are my ex, my best friend and my bully. So I tell him their names: “Jake, Jenna and Clarissa are left handed, but I doubt my best friend since pre-K or my Ex would kill me. Clarissa on the other hand, has always made fun of me and hated me for a long time now. But I don’t think she could have been able to kill me”
    “Let’s question both her and Jake, just to be sure.” He tells me and I nod. We begin to head out the room but I stop him and say: “I can’t leave this place.” “What do you mean?” Erin asks me, so I answer him: “I tried to leave before you could see me but I couldn’t. It’s like my soul is attached to the place where I was killed in.” He nods understandingly and tells me: “Ok, I’ll interrogate them and tell you what happens.” “Fine, just be careful.” I tell him, and he smiles at me and nods. He walks out of the school with a last glance my way.
        I haven’t heard a word a word from Erin in two days. Which I’ll admit has me worried. What if they hurt him? Even if I haven’t heard anything from him I’ve been doing research around the basement for some clues. I was able to find the hammer that ended my life. It was covered in blood stains. I also noticed that where my body was found there was a mark on the wall that looks like it happened with the other part of the hammer. This could mean that the person responsible must have hit the wall before hitting me with the hammer. The mark wasn’t that high a bit lower that my 5’ 6” height but not by much. This rules out Jake as my killer since he is way taller than me.

            I hear the basement’s door open so I look towards it and notice Erin enter the room with a grim look on his face. I walk towards him and punch his arm while saying: “Do you know how worried I’ve been?!” “I’m sorry; I was caught up trying to interrogate our suspects.” Erin tells me. I sigh and tell him about my findings, He nods along to them till I finish then he adds: “It’s not Clarissa. She was out of town that day visiting family and I checked everything. Her alibi checks out.”

            “Then who could have done this to me?” I ask him. “You might hate me for suggesting this. But, what about Jenna?” He asks. “She is my best friend; she would never do this to me.” I tell him. “It was just a suggestion, just let me interrogate her.” He pleads. “Fine, but only if I can be there.” I bargain. He nods and leaves to look for Jenna. In about 30 minutes he comes back and I hear the voice of my best friend say: “Let me go! Why are you bringing me here?” “Erin let her go.” I tell him with a glare, and he does just that before asking me: “Now what?” I just shrug at him and Jenna asks: “Who are you talking to?” He looks at me as if to ask what to say. “Tell her you can see and talk to me” I tell him and he sighs before doing that. I see Jenna’s eyes water and she sits down on the ground while looking around as if trying to see me. “She’s over there.” Erin tells her while pointing to where I am. Her eyes move towards me but she doesn’t see me. And she begins to sob while saying: “Oh Am, I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there for you.” I step closer to her and put an arm around her but it just goes through while making her shiver, she looks towards Erin and asks: “She just touched me didn’t she?” He nods at her question. She looks towards her side where I am and says: “I want to help find the jerk that did this to my best friend.”

            “You were actually our last suspect.” Erin tells her so I shot a glare his way. But he just shrugs at me. “What?! You think I would do such a thing to the girl that was like a sister to me?!” Jenna asks outraged. “Sorry, you just fit the profile.” He tells her, which she scoffs at before saying: “Do I look like a killer to you? Let’s just ask her parents if they know something.” “We didn’t think of that.” Erin tells her and she rolls her eyes at him, and then says: “Let’s go!” We both follow her and that’s when I realized I was able to leave the school. I look towards Erin and noticed that he just figured that out as well. But only says: “How?” I tell him that: “It must be because my body is no longer here.” He nods.

            We arrive at my house and the nostalgia hits me as we wait in the front door for my parents to open. But instead my sister Rena that is a year younger than I opens the door with a scowl on her face. “What do you want?” She asks Jenna ignoring Erin who is just observing her. Jenna asks her: “Can we talk to your parents?” Rena shrugs before yelling: “MOM, DAD!” They appear and I notice the dark circles around their eyes. But their eyes light up when they see Jenna, since she was like another daughter to them. After pulling Jenna into a hug Mom asks her: “What brings you here dear? And who is the young man?” “He is a friend of Amelia and we wanted to ask you some questions.” Dad holds Mom’s hand and nods at Jenna before gesturing to the living room so they could talk.

            “What’s the matter?” Dad asks Jenna but Erin is the one who answers after taking his eyes off of my sister that is. “Do you know of anyone that wanted to hurt your daughter?” They looked shocked to be honest. “No and we already spoke to the police. You children should not be messing around with this.” Dad answers. I notice Erin’s eyes returned towards my sister so I hit his arm and raise an eyebrow when he looks towards me. “Is your daughter left handed?” Erin asks Mom. “Rena? She is ambidextrous. Why?” He just shakes his head and then asks Rena: “Do you miss your sister?”  She looks at him with a raised eyebrow and says: “Of course. She was just perfect, such a shame she was brutally murdered by someone with a hammer.”

`         “We never said how she was killed.” Jenna points out. I notice Rena’s eyes widen a bit before saying: “The cops told us.” “No they didn’t dear.” Mom says as she gets up and stares at Rena with horror in her eyes. Rena widens her eyes as she looks around before realizing that there was no escape. “Fine, I did it! I killed her.” She exclaims, which makes Mom break down crying and then Dad asks: “Why?! Why did you kill her?! She was your sister!” “Don’t you get it?! Everything was always Amelia this and Amelia that! She was all everyone cared about! What about me?!” Rena roars. “You will pay for this.” Erin tells her and then they all begin to fight, but I can’t hear what they are saying as everything begins to fade into a blur while turning brighter. The last thing I heard was Erin asking: “How could I be the only one that could see and feel her?” then everything faded away as I walked into a bright light.


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