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So yeah, this is a sneak peek

The Voices (Sneak Peek)

October 23, 2019


Lights flicker as I creep down the treacherous tunnel, laser gun in hand. I hear alien-like moans emitting from the air vents. 
"This is Alien Base Exploration to H.Q.," I utter into the intercom, "H.Q., do you copy? Over." I wait quietly for a reply.
"This H.Q. hearing you loud and clear. Have you discovered anything of interest? Over." Seargent Malloy's words are calm as they stream through the intercom.
"This is A.B.E. I haven't found anything useful at this point. Over," I hear something dart past me.
"A.B.E, we are detecting something substantially large circling you. You may want to prepare for an attack. Over." I prepare my laser gun for an attack. 
The Alien moaning gets louder as the beings get closer. 
"H.Q. This is A.B.E. I'm gonna need some back up down here!" All of a sudden, everything goes black. 


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