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May 10, 2016


This is a back and fourth conversation between a man tied to a chair and a man torturing him. Sorry if its a bit messy

*repeatedly punches a man tied to a lawn chair* "you sir, are one tough cookie!"

*Spits at him* "words hurt more than you..."

"you wanna know what hurts?"

*the man in the chair doesn't speak. He gives a look of confusion*

"A baseball bat!" * stands to go to the trunk of his car but turns to the man in the chair* "don't go anywhere... or I'll be forced to do something.. Drastic!" 

*sees the man reaching into the trunk of his car. He starts approaching with a blood coverd baseball bat* "what are you gonna do?"

*swinging the bat like hes playing a game* "He lines up the shot. Nods to first base. This is the shot of his career." *smashes in the man's knee cap with the bat* "HE REACHES FIRST BASE!" *proceeds to break his hand with the bat* "HE KEEPS GOING!" *finishes by hitting the man around the head* "HOME RUN! did you see that?" *holds the man's head up by the hair, the man's unconscious* "pfft you'll never see a more majestic play in your life..." *puts the bat around his neck and begins to walk away* "I'll HIT you up next week buddy if you can't provide pay, I got a fish to feed!"


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