Spirit Falls

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I want to perish

Heart of Snow

October 23, 2019


Wolf in sheep’s clothing
they say.
As if a wolf could ever be as 
as a sheep. 
A wolf never craves a hunger for 
in such an eager way
as the shattered, twisted heart 
of a lamb
watching unabashedly as you claw for a breath
just one gasp of clean air
that isn’t tainted by 
the acidic stench of its heavy fleece.
What if its pure coat is nothing more than a facade of 
Snow is only beautiful when you aren’t suffocating in it.
Only the gleaming teeth of the wolf
are what they seem to be.
Perhaps it hurts
but it’s better than 
knowing those 
cold, black eyes of a lamb 
are watching you heartlessly
while you drown.


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