Megan Berry

United States of America

Message to Readers

I really don't know what to do with this poem.


October 23, 2019


Hills of black positioned next to empty expanses, 
Looming tall over the vacancies besides them.
The ridges survey the dipping plains with scorn,
Unaware they both contribute to the secret meaning of the mountains.

Observers are reminded of thousands of insects,
Suddenly paralyzed in irregular positions.
Waiting with bated breath, wishing to go unnoticed
By the overbearing digit in the sky.

Communicating eons of information through
The brush of a eager fingertip
And the prodding of a curious mind
Through a the eyes of a young girl with a sharp wit.

Deciphered not by prying eyes but curious minds,
The mounds and meadows stand innocently.
Prodded occasionally by youth’s innocent fingers,    
Speaking without words, communicating in code.


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