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I love to read and write. Mostly poetry. I am working on a book right now. I usually would write about my life story, I hope you like what I have posted!

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BE YOU. don't change so everyone will love you. change so you will love you!


November 6, 2019


I dream of you every night and day
listening to your heartbeat
Fading away

Why did you have to go?
Staring at your photo
Every chance I get

Talking to you
In my prayers
Your nonexistent answer

Tearing me down
Not being able to say "I love you"
Obliterating me

The blue of the sky
The smell of the trees 
The sound of the wind

It's all coming back to me
Hearing your whispers 
Drowning me

Life tore you away from me
Why did you leave me?
I didn't ask for any of this

The sounds I hear at night
Remind me of you
Your lifeless body lying there

hands crossed
peacefully gone
I miss you

I miss your smile
I miss how you were worth my while
Your laugh

Your love
Your joyful soul
I miss you

I love you
My beautiful angel
I miss your confidence

Your absence
Demolishing me 
Your silence
destroying me

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