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me: we're running away from my problems
Friend: you hate running
me: ...
me: we're ubering away from my problems

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The scariest moment is always just before you start - Stephen King


October 24, 2019


"what the hell were you thinking, she could have killed you" a pale boy decked in a suit with a blood red tie screamed. "no she wouldn't, shes not like the others" tan boy in sweats yelled back. "she's a devil made to look like a day dream, shes a snake nothing more nothing less" "just because she broke up  with you doesn't mean the same will happen to me, I will actually spend time with her and not at work" "I did spend time with her" "no" the tan boy said looking sad "you spent what, a hour with her every week" suddenly very angry he started to shout "she waited for you to make time like you said, but no you just constantly stood her up on dates and when she told you she didn't love you anymore you screamed at her that she was not worth your time and to leave" the tan boy sat leaning against the wall "while you were out 'working' I talked to her and got to know her" the pale boy still angry shouted "that doesn't change the fact that shes killed people, shes watched them bleed out in alleyways, and shes destroyed public property, she would have killed you" 

The pale boy got up "I said it once and I'll say it again she's a snake" lifting up his sleeve he reviled a snake bite "and snakes don't care what they have to do to survive" letting his sleeve fall down he grabbed a rock rolling it between his fingers.

"Just because your to stubborn to realize not all snakes are bad doesn't mean I have to" the boy in sweats screamed. "so what her animals a snake, she likes the colors black and red, she swears and wears leather, she's angry and has an attitude! that doesn't mean you have to stereotype her" 

"That's it Jacob if your to stubborn to realize that she is dangerous, then you can go live with her" the pale boy yelled walking away and breathing deeply. he stopped when he heard a shout " Maybe I will Jay all you ever do is yell anyway" followed by fast footsteps and silence. 
Falling to his knees Jay let out a sob because he just lost his only friend to a girl who broke his heart.
I don't know what I'm doing anymore


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  • Aurelia.Valus

    I really like this! Well done :)

    almost 2 years ago