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Minnows #tirelessregret

October 23, 2019


"What a beautiful life they all live!", said one of the minnows to the other. "Yes! I wish we could also live with them, out in the fresh air, breathing in the scent of flowery bushes that grow in the garden. What a beautiful life would it be!", the other yearned. Day and night, they watched humans, desired a life like them.
Nini, the landlady's cat, walked into the living room. She paced around casually, and sat beside the armchair. She sat there a while looking about, a bunch of tassels clinging to the blinds caught her attention. She hurriedly plunged towards them, and struck the table. The bowl moved about its place, for a second, and then fell on the floor.
Minnows flapped for life.
"We belonged there,
in translucent sphere of our lives,
in water,
we belonged in our home."

They stopped flapping.


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