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October 23, 2019

PROMPT: Journey

"I don't trust anyone, I don't, I'll never.", she said to herself. Seemi had been crying before the mirror. She had locked the door, and turned the tap on, so that no one could hear her crying. She was inside for about 35 minutes now. She heard her sister, "come out! I need to go", yelling at her. But she didn't reply. She felt her face heat up, looked up in the mirror. She had reddened, her eyes too.

"I am selected for the scholarship", Zainah told Seemi sullenly. It was Seemi's birthday, and she was really happy for that. Family and friends all were there, happy, delighted, cherishing the treat. She felt numb, she didn't believe Zainah was saying this. "See, I was going to tell you". When, When was she going to tell?. Today, on Seemi's birthday, when she was the most happiest. Seemi looked straight in her eyes, praying Zainah was joking. But, no! She wasn't joking. "We were going to do this together. Right?". "Yes, I know. You know I wanted the same, but. But I didn't get the time to tell you." Seemi stared at her, Zainah overlooked her gaze and, when she looked to meet it, Seemi left.

Time was the answer. Time changes, and your life ventures. Seemi felt as she were decieved. She didn't expect this from her. She had started from the fields they played in, school days, vacations their families would spend together... , and now her friend had left. Left her decieved, lied to.



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