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Lost Friendship #tirelessregret

October 22, 2019


I walked into the crowded room,
    looking for a familiar face:
        someone to save me from drowning
            in the sea of strangers—

But I knew no one there.

Suddenly I saw a flash—
        the light of a smile 
from across the room.

There was a girl standing alone
    just like me, without a friend.
        Her smile seemed to beckon to me
            inviting me to come to her.

Doubt rushed through me:
    should I stay or go?
I could not be sure if she smiled at me,
    or at someone else behind me.

    But now I could not see her—
someone had blocked my view

I used it as an excuse to stay;
a way to remain within the cowardly limits
        of my comfort zone.

But now I wonder
        what might have been
                if I had gone to meet her—

                memories forgotten
                before they were made

        laughter ended
        before it started

a friendship over 
before it began.


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1 Comment
  • Charisse Marison

    Awww! This is always hard because, like you said in your title, you never know if they might have become your best friend. I regret these moments too :(
    Anywho, great job! I hope you win the contest!

    almost 2 years ago