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Message to Readers

This is for a contest made by Aurelia.Valus! It's their first contest so let's participate! And another message is to be careful if you stand up to bullies. If you do, and the worst things happen, tell an adult. Always stand up to a bully. But my bully was worse than most. Not all of them will act the way my bully did to me, so always stand up to bullies no matter what. Even if you regret it later.

I wish It never happened #tirelessregret

October 22, 2019


The screams, the shouts, the hits and punches
The pain, the sorrow, the never happy ending
I wish It never happened
I wish I could retrace my steps
But all I did was stand up for myself,
Why did you have to keep on bullying me?
I tried to stop you
But that I regret
For it only brought me more pain
The consequence greater than ever
For this bully would never back down
No matter how many times I said stop
And even when I stood up to her,
She stormed on, crazier than ever
I should've told someone instead
And not stand up to her, face to face
And for that, I regret
I wish it never happened
I wish I could retrace my steps


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