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Just your average lonely wrier-ish girl.
Hope my writing captures your attention long enough to read it (even if it sucks and has numerous grammatical errors) :/

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Hey, I would be lying if I said I LOVE to write. I don't LOVE to write, but I enjoy writing and often find myself just writing non-since. But my writings are sadly, not very good. I was hoping that maybe some of you amazing writers will help me find my voice through writing.
I have so much to write about and I hope all my readers enjoy my work. :)

My words

October 22, 2019


Ink spills from my pen onto the page.
As the ink spills, it begins to overflow.
I have to many words, and this paper cant hold my words.
My words fall onto the floor and out the door, 
You cant find them in the sea, nor on a tree.
You wont see them on a page, or in a play.
You wont hear them on the raidio or in a movie because, 
they are mine and they have yet to be said.


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