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Emma Sue

United States

Aspiring journalist and author. Always looking for critique and friendships.

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Don't fear failure. Without fault we could never become strong built writers. It takes time and reworking to create a masterpiece.

The Things the First Years Carried

May 10, 2016

The things they carried were usually of no importance. When they should have been carrying textbooks and calculators, they carried the weight of a broken family back home or thoughts of the dreams they could have had if only they had slept the night before. Some carried the answer sheets and notepads, but the few that carried the necessities had a heavier load. Not only were they working hard, but they were carrying around the weight of both a dimly lit future and a past they wish had been better.

They carried 12 years of an education that they realized had been mostly pointless. It was the items they didn't carry that added on pound after pound. They had forgotten to write their report for psychology and forgotten to feed their fish for the past week. They had forgotten to hug a friend goodbye and lost the one paper they owned with no red marks upon it. They didn't carry hope or encouragement in that bag on their backs and those were the items that take the load off. They carried anxiety and ADHD medications. They carried migraine pills and illegal dollar bills. They wished they weren't carrying them, but they were.

They each carried a heart, some heavier than others. Sarah carried a brain that was stuffed with confusion and regret. Hannah carried a water bottle spiked with tears from the night before. Tia carried a wedding ring she wasn't so sure she wanted so young. Vera carried a camouflage vest she had always been fighting for, but at 15 pounds more it was starting to weigh her down. Thomas was beginning to feel pain in his joints. His backpack was filled to the brim with so much hope it was beginning to overpower him.

With one day left in the semester the things they carried dropped to the floor with their bodies. The next morning when they woke up and realized it was summer, they picked up their bags and all the things they carried to toss them onto the sofa at home and fill up a laundry bag and fill out a job application. 


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  • The Tennis Playing Writer

    I really liked that you discussed the importance of the things they didn't carry. That was unique and honest.

    over 2 years ago