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I'm a weird person, and my writing style will usually mimic this. So if you were coming for serious writing then you're gonna be dissapointed, sorry.

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This pretty much sucks, just for fun would anyone like to give some feedback?

A Poem For My English Homework

May 10, 2016


Everyone has that one friend
Who will stick with you 'till the end.
The person who will make you laugh at a joke
So you won't have to cry when you're broke

And whenever they call you lame
You know they love your name.
And all to soon you get in a fight
But they're always back, at the end of the night.

This friend has always got your back,
No matter what you do to (umm...) Jack?
And when you lose your way,
They'll be there to help your day.

And no matter what they do,
A friend will always care for you.


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