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The toy solders

October 22, 2019


The two stared into each others eyes not sure what was going to happen next. With blades drawn, a slight glance at each other team to see if anyone had an advantage or disadvantage but they seemed to be even. Everyone was ready to charge at any moment and take down those on the opposing team. Everyone had lost their sense of right and wrong, the only thing they knew was death. With every passing second they grow more and more timid. Then with one quick motion the leaders called ̈...Attack!̈ ̈ Both sides ran after each other blades in hand ready to fight, ready to kill. Once the composition died down the remaining look around to see their destruction. Both sides had lost. Only one single person remained. A small boy no more than 5 and he sat there  staring at his toy soldiers all laying on the ground. For he had been the winner the last standing. For he was their god and they were his to control.
                                                                                         The End


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