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Chaos and beauty

October 22, 2019


The mountains stood tall and bold and the sky clear with nothing to disrupt its beauty. 
Until, a small blue bird glided across the sky dropping a seed onto the ground.
Over time a small seedling sprouted from the lush soil having its first view of the world "what a beautiful place" it seemed to think.
That night the sky darkened to a navy colour and rain poured onto the ground flooding the soil and heavy droplets tumbled to the floor. "Oh! Now I get a drink" The seedling thought.
As soon as the rain stopped the moon rose into the sky big, bright and full. The little seedling stared at the moon and fell asleep to the sound of silence.
The next morning the sun shone big and bright and rays of sun beams shone on the little seedling. "Oh and a nice warming sun to dry up all the tons of water from the rain" "How amazing" the little seedling thought.

As the months passed and the seasons changed the seedling slowly became a beautiful Sunflower, the most beautiful flower anyone had ever seen in fact. 

You see this little seedling saw the beauty in everything, no matter what the Earth threw at it. It grew from the struggles and rejoiced in the moments of joy. Rain, hail or shine this seedling grew from the struggles and became a beautiful flower.

This piece is about growing as a person through the times of struggles and turning into a much more beautiful person not just on the outside but mainly on the inside. :) 
Hope you enjoyed this piece!


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