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May 9, 2016

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Thirteen. Grade eight. The last year before high school. I remember a time when graduation seemed terrifying. It was the leap into this huge unknown. This sea of new beginnings and people. The words high school and grade nine seemed so intimidating. But now that grade eight graduations arrival is imminent, I don't want this year to end. I was selected along with twenty-seven others to be a part of the EcoQuest grade eight Saskatoon public schools program. We are a democratic class room who has much more freedom and trust between teachers and students than any other grade eight class in Saskatchewan. This year has been amazing. What with all the camping trips and interesting projects our class has become more like the EcoQuest 2015-2016 family. We are all going to different high schools and none of us want to leave. As thirteen year olds, most people expect us to be troublemakers and moody teens. They always seem surprised when they see us using more co-operation and positive attitudes that the teenager stereotype. Sure in grade seven there were the class jokesters and smart alecs. But when you hit grade eight everyone works harder and becomes more responsible in order for them to be prepared for high school. Even more so when you are in EcoQuest. We have the requirements to either  bike, bus, walk, or carpool to and from school and to get ourselves independently to our meeting spots all over the city. I look back I reilize that I'm ready for high school. To start grade nine. I'm prepared. Sure this year has been hands down the best year of school so far for me, but I have an amazing year ahead of me. In the end, high school is just a new experience. A new way of doing things with a new group of people. A new building on the horizon. 


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