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The bitter truth!

October 21, 2019


The bitter truth!

3014 2nd of October, the rain furiously began rising the sad and heavy storm towards the colossal city in Northern America.The storm was not the one expected to be as the news said, no it was something more sinister and malevolent. It was coming like the dangerous dog comes to bite you, The storm was a mix of mist and rain a horrific abomination for my opinion, and as it came slowly and painfully the dark and gloomy mist started to cover the whole sky with the colour of suffering and sadness, if this two abstract things did have a colour.

Also the heavy and miserable rain too was worst than the mist because of the strange colour that it showed.The colour was perfectly red like the blood in my veins and was discussed with the aroma that it gave after evaporating from the heat of my frozen hart. Enormously the city was being destroyed by the unbreakable gothic colours of the mixture of rain and mist joined together as a part of a poisoning virus. I didn’t believe that because my city was one of pleasantries cities in Northern America and it was literally impossible to break the harmony and beauty of this historical society, that I live. My city was basically a living high tech experiment. Because of the lights that it showed in the night and the globally large buildings showed by the electronics. It was a god to me such beautiful thing to be broken by a pathetic weather. Why, just why the weather wanted to fade the beauty of this marvellous place.

Strange and mysterious in same time because how did this happen, the city is like 90.4km and how the rain and mist could cover such colossal beauty. The city was never being ruined that much in his life, the streets were faded by the dark light penetrated by the mist and houses were basically lost from the sadness that the weather gave to us as a possibility of negative thoughts about our society under the control of American president.But I knew that was not our superior that did this foolish nightmare to us, no it was something more frustrating like our nature. No not our physical nature of a human our environmental nature, is literally artificial intelligence made by companies and technologies that advanced us not just us a society but as a whole environmental world, and I personally think is rubbish and idiotic to believe that we need artificial trees, grass and forests too? Is just not cool if you know what I mean? But who cares about me or my city? No one, literally no one!

But one day I will change this you will see I will change all this one day.
Is just the gist part of my story.


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