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Does this explain who I am?

Myself and I

October 20, 2019

PROMPT: Identity Quilt

Who am I?
That a question I'm asked.
Maybe I'm a raging storm, that cries to release pain,
Or a sea wailing for company.

Maybe I am the sun, alone but beams in joy,
Or a lone star that shields itself in others company.

Maybe I'm a lush forest, hidden by its defections,
Or the shadows the trees hide, waiting for its prey to mess up. 

Maybe I'm a cave, full of wonders and hidden talents, seeking to bathe in amazement,
or the mighty mountain, unsure of their talents.

Maybe I am the earth's crust, hidden but valuable,
Or a shy beast that hides in its self. 

All I know is I'm myself and no one is like me! That my words can only be written in the form of text.


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