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A Perfect World.

May 9, 2016


Oh how I love living in a Perfect world. well, that's putting it softly. I should say I look forward to living in a perfect world. I'm gonna make it perfect, you'll see. my world is full of 'Superheros' but their all just freaks in masks and capes, even the ones that have powers, going around as if they deserve respect. they wont get anything from me. Maybe a trip to the morgue. 

Some would call me a Superhero. only some though, because when they do I tend to.. well.. I tend to hurt them very badly. Once a man compared me to a cunt named Captain Calibre, Jesus I'd turn the good Cap into a puddle givin the chance... Oh and I threw a large blunt object at the man if you were wondering. The role of superheros here is to just do good and all that shit. So, what's my role? well, I'm glad you asked... I hunt the fuckers if they step even a single super-toe out of line, the powers I have make my Job a lot more fun, I happen to very hard to kill. my skin is twice as thick as a Crocodiles and my bones are like steel, along with that I can bench press 2000 pounds but I bet with actual effort I could lift more... True story, once I was giving a warning to a boy who just got his official superhero status and the little fucker gave me backtalk, so I slapped him, except when I hit him not only did his jaw come off but his eye popped out too and sailed 30 yards I shit you not. Funny part was the guy survived haha! A year or so later he tried to kill me he found me on patrol one day and started spitting out words I couldn't make out a word he said... so before I slapped his other eye out I said something like "say it don't spray it."

So, now that you know a bit about me and what I do, you can see why I think this will make an interesting Journal.
but until I find something else to talk about. My name is Mourne by the way. Just if you wanted to know. 


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