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This is for the #NewSight contest by @Aspiring Author. All feedback is welcome. Enjoy :)

The Sun, The Rain #NewSight

October 20, 2019


I put my pen down and turn to my pink checkered curtains, drawn back and fastened with an elastic band, hardened by too much exposure to the sun.

Looking through to the foggy window, I wipe my hand on the glass and shiver as it comes back wet and wipe my hand on my sweater, pulling the sleeve up over my hand. I try again and wipe the window, this time with my sleeve, taking more of the moisture from the icy window.

The image cleared and I was finally able to look outside at the morning sun, shining feebly but, just like me, had not been awake long enough to bring anything meaningful yet. I watched as the sun was smothered by a large cloud, and watched as other clouds stood bystanding. Unmoving.

In many ways, the clouds were just sitting there, innocent and free. But the weather forecast had already sentenced them to their end by the afternoon. If you looked carefully enough, you'd be able to see the darkening clouds rolling in from somewhere far to the right, fighting the bright blue sky to their last breath but will not succeed until later.

I looked back towards the sun, struggling to shine it's last few rays before it was fully enveloped and the cloud, reigning supreme, covered the ground in temporary darkness, only reminding me how cold it was and how much colder it was going to be.

I shivered, averting my gaze to the ground. There was a small garden outside my window, the soil covered in mulch, clustering around the bases of the roses that had pushed their way towards the sunlight, only a few of the elite ending up with a spot in the limited space there was. Other than the garden, the grass was covered in dew from the light sprinkling of rain last night.

I dont know how long I sat there staring, but when I finally fell back to reality, the clouds had wo their war, and the first few drops of rain fell to the already soft earth, soaking in as yet another shiver caused me to close the curtain and return to under the blanket where I picked up my pen and finished my story.
This is for the prompt...
Outside the Window: What’s the weather outside your window doing right now? If that’s not inspiring, what’s the weather like somewhere you wish you could be?


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  • VividReverie

    This is amazing, I love how you’ve described the weather, as well as the garden outside! What you’ve written about the clouds is especially interesting and unique. This makes me feel like I’m actually there experiencing the weather :)

    9 months ago
  • ajamwal

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    Results released!

    11 months ago