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18. lover of TV, movies, and comic books. sci-fi and fantasy are my loves and poetry is who i turn to at night.

Message to Readers

This is another part of my Anaseria verse. A story of a girl's journey of revenge. You can find other pieces of this story and this world in some of my other pieces. They will all have (Anaseria) in the title.

A Memory (Anaseria)

May 9, 2016

Adisa doesn't know how or why she woke up. Her night gown is too long and slips under her feet with every step she takes. There's an overwhelming feeling washing over, all her rage and sadness. She looks to the left and sees Kanti sleeping in her bed. The bedroom in the inn suite is large enough for the two of them. Rauf made the decision to sleep in the main entry, closer to the shrine he created earlier that day. Adisa watches Kanti for a few more moments and takes note of her ownself-- of how her breath is shallow, and her heartbeats are quicker than usual. She returns to her mission and silently starts to look through their luggage. 

She knows she doesn't have any control over her body. She knows what's happening, that no matter how much she wills for her body to stop, she can't. 

She finds the knife and knicks her finger on the tip. Her hands shake and yet she still holds onto the hilt tightly. The small beading indents into her hand, but Adisa can't let go. She curses whoever put this curse on her. Her own mind is working against her. She lets out a sob and tries to call out Kanti's name, but she isn't allowed to.

The dagger was Fredia's. A gift when Adisa became a knight and the one item Adisa kept when she broke her oath. It's only fitting that it's the thing that will kill her. She slowly pads to the window, The curtain are thin and white, to match Ajela's moon holiday. Soon the innkeeper will change them to red ones and the citizens of Madia Nahr will crowd the small canals in their boats as they sing their prayers for no floods during their summer season. The curtains fly as hot air blows in, Adisa climbs onto the window sill and looks down. There's a canal right next to the inn, empty of any boats or large finned shark-dogs. The second moon baths the city in it's green light and from her view Adisa can see the tops of most buildings. 

"Adisa?" Kanti's voice is soft, groggy with sleep. Adisa looks behind her, dagger in hand. Kanti moves from her bed, carrying the thick sheet to cover her naked body. 

In those few moments, when Kanti is still frozen from shock, Adisa remembers the promise she made. Not to goddess Ajela, the one who will judge her in Aljai'im, but to herself. She would kill Fredia with this very dagger. She would take her years of paranoia and store it into the tip and cut Fredia's head off. 

She wants to tell Kanti she's sorry, that she can't control her actions, that Fredia has somehow found a way to control her body. She takes the knife and as soon as she raises it to her stomach, Kanti drops the sheet and starts to run for her. Adisa stabs herself, making sure to twist the knife upward. She lets out a yell and drops backwards. 

Before she hits the water, she hears Kanti yell Rauf's name. She doesn't know if she can keep herself alive long enough for them to come down and find her in the ever flowing canals of the city. She closes her eyes when the saltwater begins to burn and her body relaxes and she lets go of the dagger. 


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