Peer Review by zalma (Pakistan)

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Different colors, a wonderful world.

By: Aurora Borealis_03

PROMPT: Identity Quilt

I am red,
like the raging fire
that sears and burns 
and boils, ferocious
in love and war.

I am pink,
all babyish and calm and gentle,
cute and quiet,
subtle actions, naive voice,
still, a storm within. 

I am black,
mysterious, never showing myself,
an air of authority,
elegance and strength,
prowess in every field.

I am me, one and only,
with a mind of my own,
my thoughts,
and happiness.

And just like different patches
make a quilt,
beautiful and colorful,
the world is wonderful,
full of people,
full of colors,
vibrant and of every hue,
a huge quilt
made by everyone,
covering the world, a 


Message to Readers

draft 2!
Thanks for the review!

Peer Review

All the mentioned patches in writer's identity quilt stood me out, as different colours make a perfect quilt; a personality also combines all the patches to make one.

What idea struck you, in producing this piece?

Reviewer Comments

I love the strength of entity, and the idea it conveys in the end.