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Different colors, a wonderful world.

By: Aurora Borealis_03

PROMPT: Identity Quilt

I am red,
like the raging fire
that sears are burns 
and boils, ferocious
in love and war.

I am pink,
all babyish and calm and gentle,
cute and quiet,
when the choices I make shout out to the world 
This is me!

I am black,
mysterious, never showing myself,
an air of authority,
elegance and strength,
prowess in every field.

I am me, one and only,
with a mind of my own,
my thoughts,
and happiness.

And just like different patches
make a quilt,
beautiful and colorful,
the world is wonderful,
full of people,
full of colors,
vibrant and of every hue,
a huge quilt
made by everyone,
covering the world, a 


Message to Readers

My one of a kind piece!

Peer Review

I found the "I am black" patch of the quilt to be very intriguing. Black is a very mysterious color because it harbors, or maybe sucks in, the vibrancy of the other colors. You say that black demonstrates an "air of authority." What do you mean by that? Do you mean that reverence is often given to the black of darkness because it holds the unknown?

Who is this piece really about? You begin by comparing colors to attributes that you find in yourself; however, by the end of the piece, you talk about humanity as a whole. Your conclusion seems to state that each person is his/her own color. In order to align this piece to fit better, what if you only focused on one specific color whose attributes you exemplify. Then by the conclusion of this piece, you could mention how your color enhances the colorful quilt of humanity. For example, do you see that your black mysterious elegance somehow allows another person's yellow gregarious personality to shine?

Reviewer Comments

I really liked how you chose colors and created characteristics for them. The one thing that I would caution you about is to be careful not to create too much colorful contrasts This can get your reader a bit lost. Besides that, thank you for having allowed me to read your piece. You seem like quite a dynamic person with such a colorful personality.