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i aspire to write with coffee in one hand and a cat next to me


May 9, 2016


perhaps we will be forever, inextricably intertwined; we were the lovers whom never really seemed to have loved each other enough (or perhaps too fiercely) and yet (painfully) brought together, as if bound by fate's playful, whimsical ways

perhaps we will never lose sight of each other, like how your ambitions will drive you to greater peaks I would only ever dream of, and how your name will be spread across the billboards while I silently live through each day, merely another onlooker of your successful, vibrant life 

perhaps i will always dream of you on my loneliest of nights, the cold shivering ones which almost seemed only warmer with the bonfire we share in these... imaginations which would never be of the reality we live in now 

perhaps midnight would mean, alas, the dawn of a new day, a new day filled richly with fresh vigour, a new day burning with fiery passions and a new day where the endless possibilities are limitless 

but a new day without you 


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