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i will not forget what i do not remember

By: JakeFrommStateFarm


i wasn't even born,
i wasn't even in the womb
when nearly 3,000 people
met their world trade center tomb.

i can never remember,
i can never look back
on the day in america
when all things looked black.

i can look at the pictures
i can look at the film,
but for some reason
my heart lies still--

because I never saw this happen,
i don't hold this memory.
i've only been taught this
as a matter of history.

but i will not forget--
though i will never remember--
what happened on
that day in september.

but i'll hold on to
my parents' bitter memories
of those 3,000 men and women
who went up in flames, and down in history.

Message to Readers

Any feedback is great, just don't be unnecessarily rude.

Peer Review

This piece is cool because it shows how kids feel about 9/11 when they weren't alive to witness it. I especially like the title because it draws you in and makes you want to know more. You wouldn't think it would be possible to not forget what you don't remember, but I think you explain the title pretty well in the poem.

I would like to know more about why you can't forget 9/11. Is it because it's a permanent part of the history books, or because you think it shouldn't be forgotten? It would be nice if you could explain your personal feelings about it a bit more, but I know that's kind of hard to do in a poem like this.

Reviewer Comments

You did a really good job with this piece, and your choice of rhyme scheme and lowercase only fit the theme very well. Your writing caught my eye and drew me in, and it stood out in the sea of pieces that get published every day on WtW. Good job!