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please hold me

March 19, 2015

PROMPT: Floating


It all starts with your eyes, as the world around you spins rapidly, fluctuating in and out of your own mind like a rollercoster lose off its tracks. The tears start to roll. Then the flow of your words stop becoming nothing more than repeated babbling. The only words that slip out of your mouth like fear running from the dark, "please, hold me." But faces only stair back blankly. They all just stair, like I'm a star in the night sky, but let's be honest, becuase like the stars, I'm really not there. I'm just an empty vessel, with a smile stitched on my face. a 'dead star' the fades every morning, and barely flickers at its best moments. "Hold me." Is all that can slip out, but now I've petrified the blank faces to death. Tears rise like the evening tide, but soon fall. I now see nothing but horrifide eyes, and hear bodies trimbling, the earth around you sakes, but no one is home, "please, just hold me!" The only words I'm aloud to utter, but only frighten brows are rased, and soon i realize, those are 'Their' eyes. "I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay." But They all see right through my words.

This is the best way i could explain my floating experience, I was having a panic attack, and it feels a lot like a out of body type of thing:/ I refer to myself as you, your, and I, because most of the panic attack felt like i was floating in third person.


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