I'm sheks
Love writing, listening to music and watching movies,making research and I do a little bit of dancing.
But in all I take writing as my favourite cause whenever I write I feel all good

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I believe that in whatever you like doing always put your mind to it and be the best you can be.


October 18, 2019


Where are you?
Its been a week now 
Am really worried sick about you

I called the first day no response 
I thought you were busy and was going to call me back but i fell asleep waiting 
For your call

I called the next day and still no response 
I kept on wondering what could be wrong 
So i left you a message just in case I'm not available when you call 

I called the day after that but still no response 
Then suddenly in the mist of my thoughts i remembered when you said at anytime you could be  in the hospital and you said i should be sure to stay safe while your gone 

I asked why immediately but you changed the subject and now at this very moment i regret not bugging you to tell me  what was wrong 

I have prayed for you 
I don't know what is wrong but i believe you will be fine, all i can do now is to hope and wait for you to give me a call 


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