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Just Wanna See

October 19, 2019

“They say I eat the greatest cake, I do and you can’t stop me” Chelsea Lee sings with her band, SHAED. This line from the song Perfume from SHAED's album Just Wanna See, is about a strong and “powerful woman and who gets what she wants,” says Spencer Ernst, one of the three people (including Max Ernst, his twin) making up the band.
I love this band and this album because it is very original. SHAED’s electropop is what makes them unique. Spencer Ernst said: “Each song, to us, feels like a different shade of color.” I really like it because it is not one of those common pop or rap albums you hear constantly on the radio, it’s out of the ordinary, it’s special. I tried to look for other album reviews for this album and I couldn’t find anything. They aren’t a band like the Cher or Justin Beiber  (just an example, not throwing shade) or any other famous band that makes songs that they want to get really popular. SHAED does it for themselves and music.
I think the lyrics are very different, the lyrics aren't just all metaphors or completely the same thing over and over again. I really like the lyrics to their songs Thunder and Just Wanna See from this album because I can really understand the lyrics. “Let's get loud like thunder” (from Thunder) and “Set our worries to the side, live a day, like it’s ours, share an evening with the stars” (from Just Wanna See) are my favorite lyrics from this album. These lyrics are meant to capture was meant to capture the feeling of wanting to be someone you’re not with. I like the lyrics from Just Wanna See because I agree with them, sometimes you just need a break from reality and just relax. I also really like how they sing and how Chelsea Lee presents her voice.
This album was released in 2016. The band’s origin is in Washington D.C. and SHAED got the name for their band from a cloak called a “shaed” a fantasy novel called Name of the Wind. The Ernst twins are multi-instrumental. Spencer Ernst and Chelsea Lee got married on the first weekend of October in 2018. Originally they were named The Walking Sticks from 2011-2012 then Chelsea Lee joined the band and they changed their band name to SHAED. This is their debut album, but people know them because their song, “Trampoline” which was featured in an Apple commercial. 90% of the hit song “Trampoline” was made in their own studio. Trampoline is 22nd on the Billboard Charts today, and it has been on the charts for 19 weeks.
Just Wanna See has 6 songs, “Perfume”, “Thunder”, “Just Wanna See”, “The News”, “Running Through the Fields”, and “Name on it”. I think my favorite song for this album is “Perfume”. I like how the lyrics mean things that aren’t all that obvious. An example of this is: “Conversations closed ‘til you send me your deal, I'm not the type to sit and wait around, rather have another drink and drown”. I have listened to each song on this album at least 10 times this week... Some reasons why you should want to listen to more of their songs are, none of their songs are the same, this means they don’t have the same meaning or the same style. Another reason why you should listen to their music is the songs that SHAED have made are colorful and magical. Also, the song “Trampoline, did make me want to listen to more of their music, but it isn’t one of my favorites. My last reason why you should listen to it is that it's very original and I’ve never heard anything like this band. 


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