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I love to read and write extensively. I know I am not a perfect writer but I will give my best and succeed.
My dream is to be a published author.

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May 9, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

Maxine:  “Thanks for meeting me.”
Jonathan: “Yup! No problem. Why do you wanna meet me? I thought we were over? “
Maxine:  “I wanted to tell you something. More like a confession? “
Jonathan: “oh okay. What do you wanna confess?”
Maxine:” I never wanted to leave you. Your Dad told me to leave you.”
Jonathan: “What? Are you telling the truth? Why did he ask you to leave me? He would never do that. He knows I love you a lot.”
Maxine: “I am telling you the truth! He told me leave you because he found you a good girl to marry you. He said if I wanted the best for you I would break things with you. I never wanted to leave you!”
Jonathan: ”You should have told me this earlier!”
Maxine: “I am sorry…. I have to go. Good luck for your future endeavors.  Goodbye”
Jonathan: "Don't leave me again! We can go to him and make things better!"
Maxine: "I have to go.. I have a meeting to attend."


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